I never win anything.

This is not going to be a moaning complaint on how unlucky I am: it’s just one of the facts of my life. But there is an exception to every rule, and I’ve had mine.

…for once, the wait ended with a success…

I had just come back from a two-week university trip to Brazil, which, thanks to my dysfunctional phone, basically meant two weeks without the internet, and while I was trying to sort my emails out, the title of one caught my attention: JVC Camera, it said. I had recently entered a competition on MouthLondon who, teaming up with ScreenThing, offered a reader the change to win a GZ-MS150 JVC camcorder. All I had to do to enter was answer to the fairly easy question “Who plays the lead role in the hugely anticipated Robo-boxing sensation, Real Steel?” (Hugh Jackman, anyone?) and wait. And, for once, the wait ended with a success.

After a few weeks, it was mine: black, beautiful, and lighter than any camera I’ve ever possessed, after having bought the memory card for it, I could finally start playing with it: fairly easy to use, although I still haven’t finished familiarizing myself with it, amazing zoom and beautiful colours, it has won its place in my already incredibly full bag.

…the images slowly start accumulating on the card…

Welsh fields seen from the train window during my journey to Cardiff, moments of fun in one of the city’s shopping centres, the stunning view of the London Eye from Waterloo Bridge: the images slowly start accumulating on the card. Now more than ever I wish my luck would change: winning a trip to New York sounds even more exciting now that I have a video camera to capture it all!

Image courtesy of JVC


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