As a girl, playing computer games is a funny one. It used to be considered weird that girls could play computer games; however in recent years, playing computer games has become so popular that there are women now playing First Person Shooter games, and winning them. I am one of those girls. I adore the Modern Warfare series; so much so, I have played 14 days worth of MW2 and have so much experience on it, that I rarely come at second place, and getting this game will be no different. I’ll still make sure I make enough time to play this game.

Modern Warfare 3 looks fantastic, sounds fantastic, and is filled with a huge amount of new features that leaves us drooling, which is also incredibly fantastic. This game has been at the top of everyone’s list since it was announced that it was coming out, and what with the brand new features such as new multiplayer modes, a welcome addition for Call of Duty fans. Along with this, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have divulged a few of these modes to us in a fantastic game play preview video which is definitely worth a watch.

…Modern Warfare new and exciting.

Lock and load!

Since the start of the Modern Warfare games, new features have always been discussed in relation to new ideas, new experiences, and new online modes, and as the Call of Duty games have progressed onwards, these new ideas keep the experience of playing Modern Warfare new and exciting.

A new online mode has also been created which is called ‘Kill Confirmed’ and apparently, looks to be the most popular game mode available to play. The Kill Confirmed is very similar to Team Deathmatch, but the difference is instead of getting points for killing other players, you’ll get points for the team by picking up the dog tag worn by the opposite team that they drop once killed, and the best thing is, all players wear dog tags. If a team member gets killed and drops their dog tag, and the team player picks it up, you deny them their kill, in which case, you keep that point.

…amazing new match customization options…

Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games also show off the amazing new match customization options, which actually allows hosts to set up a strict criteria for their matches. This means they have the power to turn off all perks, switch to make it third-person only, allowing just pistol fights and more; along with all of this, these presets can also be saved to a custom game mode which can then be shared along with others online on the Elite server where other MW3 players can play it if they wish to.

The only thing I am worried about is that this will be similar to Call of Duty: Black Ops, in which, there will be a massive hype and then turn out to be over-complicated, with bad hosting, and actually slightly boring to play, but what with the fact it is a Modern Warfare game, it should be totally awesome, and I know I’ll be the first in line waiting to buy it.

Images courtesy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3



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