In my opinion there are three types of app. Firstly the app you download and instantly delete (usually because it’s boring), secondly the helpful app (like the McDonald’s locator) or lastly the long term commitment app (featuring either fantasy or adventure). Paradise Cove by Pocket Gems falls into the latter. Unlike the addiction of quick level games (Angry Birds) Paradise Cove is a labour of love which means you have long periods of waiting, but it’s well worth it.

The premise is along the lines of Robinson Crusoe, but with a cute cartoon feel. You start off on a small island and slowly build up a colony using gold coins that you receive depending on the building built. The build list is split unit housing, merchants, decorations and ships. If you want better and nicer things then you obviously have to pay for upgrades, but so far I have continued the game in its free mode and it’s getting damn good.

…pirate ships attacking…

With mini quests keeping you on track, pirate ships attacking, mermaids fishing for treasure in a mini game, and a larger treasure map pointing you to bigger treasure troves; the game keeps you interested and wanting to come back.

With gorgeous visuals and a cute pirate theme it’s fun to build up a bustling pirate era colony. Just don’t get too obsessed as the upgrades are wallet burners and getting going takes a bit of time, but once you are the fun follows suit.

…spend virtual money…

And one tip for Paradise Cove is that if you do get involved in the game and don’t want to pay for rubies spend your time with the mermaids and spend virtual money in games of chance. It’s fun and free.

4 Stars

Images courtesy of Pocket Gems


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