I’ve been a fan of auto tuning since I first heard The Bed Intruder Song. Now I’m not speaking about X Factor when they make the contestants sound in tune. The gang who made the App Songify are famous on Youtube for taking interviews, news reports and historical speeches and adding some amazing auto tune magic, a nice beat and coming up with unique and pleasurable songs.

Songify is a very simple way of making songs (some based on existing tunes) from your own banter. For instance, me and a friend attempted to put random words together and came up with the song Fajita pick and mix which in my opinion could be a No.1 hit.

…some of the funniest songs I have heard…

With a simple layout, easily accessible tunes (you do have to watch videos to buy coins to buy your favourite tunes, but at least you don’t have to pay) and honestly some of the funniest songs I have heard I was really glad I downloaded this app.

For a really nice time; invite some friends over, get slightly tipsy, ask everyone to say something random on the app and enjoy the musical genius.

4.5 Stars


Check out some of the more famous Auto tuned songs that you will hear a bit of on the App:





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