Online gaming has really blossomed in the last decade. With MMORPGs now taking over the social aspect of many people’s lives, games companies are finding new way to survive in an ever competitive market. Release a game too early and miss out on BETA testing which can lead to unprogressive gameplay and fan outrage, but on the other hand you could keep the game going way past its sell by date and see your product taken over by a newer and more shinier experience.

Moisturiser wasn't available in the future...

Being a fan of World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies and Runescape, I was interested to hear that the revival of the Star Trek franchise surrounded not only a film, but a MMORPG, Star Trek Online (STO). Now in terms of being new STO is not a sprightly little thing jumping off the shelf. It has been around for a good solid two years now and from the beginning the audience were excited, but like most other MMORPG’s you have to pay a monthly subscription, which for content wise there wasn’t much to go on. Yet people still bought into it and flew around the galaxy on boring missions as Klingons or the Federation. Things looked bleak.

…the game has got pretty damn good…

Skip forward two years and Star Trek Online did something unthinkable. It was now free to play online. Download the game from their website and straight away start building your crew, custom design your ship and spend the time fighting alien menaces across the alpha quadrant. It was the best choice that Cryptic (the games makers) could ever have made as now a second rate game that people regretted buying could be played for free and after two years of testing, feedback and generally playing the game has got pretty damn good.

So if you want to waste time on an MMORPG that is most importantly free then check out Star Trek online. If you’re a Star trek Buff then stick around for the storylines and familiar faces, but if you’re not then take your ship for a ride through the galaxy. The graphics are really quite lovely.

Check out STO here.

Images courtesy of Cryptic



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