In the last couple of years the zombie theme in gaming has come in leaps and bounds.

TheLastOfUsLike any genre it has to evolve to stay current. For zombie horror the evolution started with The Walking Dead television series that bridged the gap between action horror, and thought provoking family drama. Since this, gaming companies have been trying to emulate the feeling of attachment to characters within gameplay. This was partially seen in The Walking Dead game (check out our review here) as well as Dead Island and its sequel.

The Last of Us is possibly the greatest example of creating an attachment to a character through its storyline. The storyline starts like most zombie horrors; a fungal plague has devastated human civilization, turning the majority of people into infected monsters that prey on the small pockets of human settlements that are left. You take control of the character of Joel whose primary role is to protect a young girl called Ellie. As you traverse the landscapes of a ruined world, you encounter swarms of infected and incredibly dangerous people. In fact as far as villains go I would say that the main reasons to be afraid are your fellow survivors. At least the infected are predictable.

…The location design is outstanding…

The beauty of this game lies in its character development and harsh themes of survival. The location design is outstanding, but what else would you expect from the developers who also made Uncharted? Already this game is set to win countless awards and in my opinion this could be the pinnacle of gaming for the next couple of years.


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