I find being productive on train journeys difficult. It could be the changing landscapes or the random conversations that you can eaves drop in on, but I just can’t be creative or do work. However since finding TonePad I have become very musically inclined and made some lovely tunes while heading to and fro from London.

So very simply put you are given a blank canvas of dots. When you select a dot that becomes a note in your new symphony so adding dots to the top you add high notes and dots to the bottom are lower notes. To spice things up you can add effects like rotation, shuffle etc… and mix up your music leading to some lovely tunes.

…how wonderful this app is…

If you really want to you can change the colour of the dots to accommodate your colour theme. Save your song and upload them to the web or share them with friends.

I can’t really explain much more about how wonderful this app is so my best advice is try it out for yourself. It’s free and very enjoyable.

4 Stars

Images courtesy of LoftLab



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