Over the weekend two Kevin Lewis’ of Cincinnati became millionaires thanks to a human error on behalf of a casino. The Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati had been giving away three £1 million promotional giveaways, and Kevin Lewis was to be the second winner.

The announcement of the second winner was made in front of a crowded room with cameras. Kevin Lewis, 52, who was in the audience at the time was delighted with the prize, but it was later realised that the winner should have been Kevin Lewis, 50, also native to Cincinnati.

The casino have admitted that the mistake was down to human error and that better authentication should have been in place. Despite the error, both Kevin’s were rewarded the £1 million and the third draw is still due to go ahead. You can read more about this story here.

…the mistake was only spotted after the final check…

Jennifer Kulczycki, the casino spokeswoman, reportedly told cincinnati.com that there were quite a few similarities between the two men which lead to the human error. There were already two levels of authentication check in place, but despite this, the mistake was only spotted after the final check.

The casino’s honesty in admitting the error and their good will to still reward both prizes and keep the third prize in place is part of casino efforts to appeal to a wider public. The public honesty and the large monetary public prizes makes casinos more appealing to members of the general public, creating a more friendly image with the public.

…win a trip to the real Gotham City…

The attitude of the Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati compares to the new breed of online casinos which are changing their image to gain market share. In particular the Metro Play casino is producing more mainstream online games and high profile competitions, with their most recent one being a chance to win a trip to the real Gotham City, New York City. The prize celebrates the announcement of the new Batman prequel, due to be released in 2015, and the high profile topic of the competition looks set to promise a new, mainstream audience. This stream of high profile competitions is bound to catch the eyes of the broader market.   

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