I am a Nintendo boy at heart, but every now and then I enjoy a good Playstation adventure.

In a strange turn of events I have managed to secure a PS3 out of the blue. I’ve always just played on friends consoles, so it was interesting to delve back into the world of Playstation. I hit the GTA 5 world and tried to steal a jet from the army base, took on some random people at Call of Duty and even played some Star Wars.

It got me thinking about how far we have come with games in such a short time. PlayStation always relied on the gameplay, rather than the graphics. Whereas Xbox dealt with graphics and Nintendo ran down the gameplay option. Now all three competitors are pretty top notch for both options, and games that we enjoyed in our childhood are coming back but with better graphics.

Check out this awesome video for Playstation. In regard to the PS4 release:



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