There was a time before the wonders of the internet that to challenge more than four players to a game of Halo, two consoles had to be hooked up to one another and opposing teams sat in adjoining rooms. Sneaky peeks at the other team’s screens meant a sure-fire win for you and your friends. Also hilarity would ensue as there really is nothing like having your best buds next to you when you’re kicking some ass.

And so we look to the future of wireless controllers and on-line fights where we can sit, talk and play with other gamers around the globe. The main problem I have is the sheer social loneliness that comes from it.

I’m not saying it’s not nice to make new friends. A good example of this is one of my best friends who played with and then actually met one of her team mates a couple of months later. They’re firm friends now.

…Now we can’t glance at what our friend is doing…

My main beef with playing by yourself at home and communicating as though you’re working at a call centre is the human touch. Now we can’t glance at what our friend is doing in the same map as us as our screen is large and HD. No more aspect ratio where you could barely see the gun you just picked up in its four screen glory. The game-play has become harder, but the sense of fun and excitement of chilling out and, going over the same levels you’ve played forever has seemed to dissipate in recent years.

I like modern games, but I am a romantic at heart and plan to reminisce with old school buddies over Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. In my opinion the oldies are still the best and no gaming experience has made a memory like my friend chasing me as a dwarf sized Oddjob.

Freddie Wong sums up the experience pretty damn well:



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