After reading Jean Baptiste, I was interested to see what other work Øivind Hovland had produced and I came across this interesting book. A day in the life of Alfred follows the title character on his day to day business of getting up and going to work. On the way he meets the same man he always passes and decides to say hello. Things go downhill from there.

The book is quite a short story so for newbies of graphic novels it may be a “find on the shelf and flick through”, but if you enjoy gorgeous visuals then this may be for you. Set out in tones of red, black and white, Hovland paints a vivid picture of alienation within the urban centres of our culture. The main protagonist is a hulking red shape in a world of black and white. Whether this is a metaphor for his isolation or perhaps highlights the ending of the story (I won’t give it away) the character is well received and through his inner monologue we see that he has not had a good life.

The tone is a tad downbeat, but the stunning artwork is well worth the read.

4 Stars

Image Courtesy of Tabella Publishing


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