I am a dog person. Always have and always will be. After reading this graphic novel my worse fears were confirmed.

The author, Sean Fitzgibbon, weaves three beautiful storylines around the same black cat as it traverses the cityscape. At first glance I thought this would be a small story explaining the idea and myths behind a black cat crossing your path. Although there are several quotes and hints at different cultures feeling towards the dark feline the overall tone of the novel is dark and quite frightening.

…the action usually ends violently or unhappily…

The storylines all centre on male protagonists who (I won’t try and ruin it for you) end up in dire situations. Whether this is to do with the bad luck of the cat or another idea of what a black cat will bring to you, the action usually ends violently or unhappily. Because the illustration is in vivid black and white the style compliments the story and I found myself compelled to read on.

…the stories are interesting and sickening at the same time…

The novel is small and a good read if you have some time to spare. If you are squeamish then perhaps give this one a miss, however the stories are interesting and sickening at the same time so for someone like me who is desensitized to horror having grown up on it I found it thoroughly enjoyable.

Overall the novel is extremely well written and illustrated and with nods to social abuse, murder and revenge. However it does makes you wonder if having a black cat is really worth it…

The Graphic novel is for sale on Amazon Here

5 Stars

Image courtesy of Sean Fitzgibbon


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