When two record store owners discover that a whole stack of their New Wave vinyls has been stolen by a hooded customer, they set out through the a city, which’s fast being buried by snow, on a quest to find the culprit. Tracing the thief’s footprints through the snow leads the pair to a party packed with suspects.

The level of quirky detail in each panel gives great depth and manages not to feel cluttered even when a lot of action is taking place. The black and white artwork adds a nice layer of atmosphere to what is meant to be a chilly situation.

…the fluidic dialogue feels real and unscripted.

Witty observations about the party’s oddball guests and their inane conversations are amusingly accurate and the fluidic dialogue feels real and unscripted. There is a very clever and very subtle clue as to the vinyl thief’s identity that’s hard to spot at first, but which gives a good payoff when you find out. Once the identity of the thief is revealed, a chase ensues with a clever piece of lyrical backing, and our hero gets his merchandise back, sort of.

Overall an excellent short piece that its creator, David Ziggy Greene, should be proud of. I only wish it was a little bit longer so that he could have squeezed in a few more of those witty insights into party culture.

4 Stars

Image courtesy of David Ziggy Greene


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