Griffin Technologies were in London this week to promote their new range of accessories for all things Apple.

If you own an iPod, iPhone, iPad there is a fair chance you want to keep your rather expensive iProduct in good condition.

…heart in the mouth moments…

Those heart in the mouth moments when you’re £400 phone hits concrete will be less of a bother if you invest in Griffin’s £34.99 iPhone 4 Survivor case.

Built like a pocket sized nuclear bunker, the Survivor protects your iPhone (also available for iPod Touch and iPad 2) from whatever the world throws at it. The case is sealed to stop rain, dirt, sand from mucking up your screen and its shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame and shock absorbent silicone outer casing makes it a must if you’re a wannabe Bear Grylls.   

…allowing any child prodigy in the family to draw, paint and even animate…

On the more creative side of the accessories spectrum is the Crayola ColorStudio HD for iPad. Teaming up with Crayola, Griffin developed a digital stylus that works in conjunction with an iPad App, allowing any child prodigy in the family to draw, paint and even animate to their hearts content without all the messy clearing up at the end.

Easy to use menus and a wide range of preset scenes to colour in make this a great gift for any budding young artist and even a few grown up ones too.

…that little black box that has a habit of vanishing off the face of the Earth…

If you’re into your home cinema systems, Blu-Ray, DVD players, TVs and Hi-Fi’s you know they all come with one thing in common, that little black box that has a habit of vanishing off the face of the Earth when you need to turn the volume down or change the channel.

With Beacon you can control your entire living room set up from your iPad or iPhone, it even acts as a TV guide. Once you pair the Beacon to one of your devices you can control it in the same way you would if you were using a normal remote control. You can also set touch gestures to act as command functions like volume up/down.

 It’s compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad and an Android app is currently in the works. Just don’t lose your phone.      

 Crayola ColorStudio HD and the Beacon are out in August priced at £24.99 and £54.99 respectively and the Survivor is out now.

Image courtesy of Griffin Technologies


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