Oral health is a big deal.

In another article we delved into the importance of oral health. Well today we will be looking at the amount of bacteria that grows in your mouth and how to keep that incredible number low.

…teeth count as 1 of 20 surfaces…

Let’s start with the facts. If you took all of the plaque from your mouth it would weigh on average about 10mg. This would account for around 100 million microbes. Now 10mg isn’t that much, but taking into account that the majority of bacteria (almost 80%) that lives in your mouth are not on your teeth, then we must look at the other surfaces to roughly estimate the amount of bacteria lurking within you.

The teeth count as 1 of 20 surfaces; so if this is true then on average there would be 20 billion oral microbes within your mouth every day.

…you can reduce the number dramatically…

By regularly taking care of your mouth, not just your teeth, you can reduce the number dramatically. Remember to use a toothbrush that doesn’t hurt your gums and always clean your tongue and roof of the mouth.

Check out this video for more information:


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