Summer is nearly over and the cold time of the year is right ahead. Colder temperatures, less daylight, shorter days and longer nights, rainy and windy weather as well as an increased risk of falling ill, all these factors demand some preparation in order to stay fit and healthy. In the following section we will give you some important hints to be prepared for the forthcoming months.

The right clothes

Wearing warm clothes is mandatory during autumn and winter to prevent to fall ill. Jackets, jumpers and shoes should be made of water-resistant yet breathable material to keep their wearers safe from moisture. Furthermore, a hood is also very handy to offer protection against wind and rain. With regard to the weather, wearing gloves, a scarf and a cap can also be advisable.

Protection of the skin

To further protect one’s health it is a good idea to apply certain creams and lotions which moisturize the skin and therefore protect it from drying out. Some creams that are available on this page furthermore have a healing effect since they do not only let impurities of the skin subside quickly but also cover the areas in question.

Healthy nutrition

Nutrition is another important factor in order to stay healthy during the cold season. Supplying the body with the right amount of vitamins and carbohydrates is especially important to strengthen the body’s immune system. Consuming vitamins on a daily basis does have very positive effects on the body’s defenses.

Exercising and resting

By going out for walks and doing physical exercises you can also make your body more resistant to illnesses. Even though the weather may be unpleasant one should not make the mistake of staying at home all the time. Let your body get used to the dropping temperatures and therefore raise its stamina. At the same time, however, make sure that you get enough sleep since the lack of light and warmth enhances the body’s need for rest.

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