So you’ve graduated and the big bad world of jobs and adult life awaits you.

You have options, but if you’re bold you can start your own business and become your own boss. It’s hard work, but if you are dedicated, work hard and plan ahead; you will succeed. So let us take a look at the basic needs to make a successful business:


The Idea

pinterest-logoThe big trick about running a successful business is being passionate about the idea. For example, if you enjoy working out, perhaps you want to start your own personal trainer service. It’s a skill that you understand and can teach to others. Perhaps you have a niche product that only you can produce? Knitting has come back with a fury in the last year and is a very in thing. If you are unsure about what you should do as a business, check out current trends on Pinterest. Alternatively if you are unsure about what you would like to do, take some time to really find the thing that you will be pouring your heart into.


Getting Started

It will take a bit of time to get started, but once you are ready the world is your oyster. Start by registering your company, there are many different packages and sites that provide this service. From here, depending on what you are doing, it’s good to sign up for VAT, sort out company bank accounts, and work out a three year plan. A good way to fund your business is through personal loans (family and friends), bank loans or Angel investment. You won’t get the money straight away, but if you can convince a room of strangers that your idea is great, then you deserve the money.


Settling In

talktalk-business-logoSo your company exists. Congratulations! But you will need a website, company address, telephone number and a location to run the business from. Office space can be extremely expensive in the capital, but a little way out and you will find that the prices dip considerably. Who really cares if you’re not on Oxford Street, an extra 10 minutes on the tube won’t hurt anyone.

When you get the space for the business an important factor will be your internet. A business account is different from home internet and there are some great companies that deliver all of the things you will definitely need. TalkTalk Business is a good choice as it is incredibly flexible and easy to use. With TalkTalk Business Broadband you can choose which speed you wish (standard to super powered), be protected by their high level security program WorkSafe and have business grade customer service from a UK based team.


Spreading the Word

Social MediaSocial media is a big deal to getting your business out there. Start with what you know: Facebook, Twitter and forums (related to your niche). Tell friends and family, print off business cards and hand them out to everyone, and most importantly speak highly of your business and its achievements.


Having a Happy Ever After

There is no set way to running a successful business. Perseverance, hard work and lots of your own money goes into making something special .As long as you are ready to fight till the end to prove your business is the best, then you’ll do fine.

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