This time last year, Sonos was still a relatively unknown company despite being the only sound system that reliably delivered wireless music around your home, a niche product you’d be forgiven for not knowing about. One year on and with the phenomenally successful launch of the Play:3 last June, celebrity endorsement, Ads all over the country and a bunch of reviews so glowing you could light a stadium with them, you have no excuse for not knowing Sonos are back with yet another market shaking innovation in sound. The Sonos Sub.

Anyone familiar with Sonos will know how simple it is to set up; plug it in to power, connect the Sonos Bridge to a wireless router, press the button on top of your player and you’re connected to all the music on earth via streaming services like Spotify or Napster. The Sub is no different, one touch of a button adds another level of gutsy bass to the already chunky Sonos sound. Adding the Sub to a set of stereo paired Play:5s, already thunderous by themselves, produces such a powerful and rich quality of sound you’ll be genuinely shocked and moved, possibly into another room.

…blends in well with your other techy equipment.

This furniture rearranging sound is produced by the Sub’s suitably sci-fi sounding “force opposing drivers”. These drivers vibrate the air between them to create almost sonic boom levels of bass. Their positioning cancels out that annoying bass buzz for a clean sound. Like all Sonos products the Sub is sleek and minimalist in its design and comes in a high gloss black so blends in well with your other techy equipment. A matt black version will be out in October.

Aside from its simplicity of set up Sonos’s biggest selling point is its products adaptability backed up by smart software that brings the best out of whatever you have it connected to. Connect the Sub to a Play:3, the Play:5’s little brother, and a digital signal processor will recognise the fact and adjust its output for optimal sound performance, which saves you the tedious job of level balancing.

…an extension of an ever growing system…

The Sub can be connected to single or stereo paired Play:3s and 5s or into the Connect:Amp which allows you to use your own speakers. The Sub is a bit of a beast in terms of size (402 x 158 x 380mm) but because of its speaker positioning it can be laid flat on the floor or sat up without any loss of sound quality. So no need to worry if it doesn’t fit in with your décor, just shove it under the sofa; it’ll still sound great.

Other wireless speaker manufacturers have tried to create products this versatile but none comes close to the reliability and sound quality that a Sonos system produces.  The Sub is an extension of an ever growing system that somehow slots together seamlessly with your own equipment as well as other Sonos components. Sonos’s Sub will launch 19 June 2012 and will cost £599 for the gloss black or £499 for the matt finish which will be available in October.           

5 Stars (if you can afford it!)


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