With the summer holidays upon us again you may be stuck for ideas of what to do other than watching endless repeats of Friends. Why not put that Oyster card to use and go visit a museum in fair Londinium?

The Science Museum is always fit to bursting with interesting exhibits and activities for all age groups which are usually free or if not then the tickets are usually cheap.

…displays showing snippets of actual wallposts from online forums…

Current highlights include the Listening Post, which is an art instillation consisting of digital displays showing snippets of actual wallposts from online forums and chatrooms that are sorted ‘into seven separate ‘scenes’ akin to movements in a symphony.’

Plasticity- 100 Years of Making Plastics– okay it may not sound that interesting but is surprisingly fun following the birth of Bakelite in 1907 all the way up to future of sustainable plastics made from plant materials rather than oil.

…hundreds of live moths and butterflies for visitors to see…

Over at the Natural History Museum there’s a chance for you to get up close to the beauty of the butterfly with their Sensational Butterflies exhibition. A butterfly house situated on the museum’s front lawn is home to hundreds of live moths and butterflies for visitors to see and a host of activities to keep you occupied. Tickets are £3.50.

While you’re there you might like to pop in on Ida, the 47 million year old lemur fossil is the most complete early primate skeleton ever found. She caused a stir when scientists suggested she may be our earliest mammalian ancestor.

…explore the fascinating sex lives of animals…

Sexual Nature covers sex in nature, surprisingly, with a revealing and enlightening exhibit that uses film, photos and live animals to explore the fascinating sex lives of animals and how animal reproduction differs and more interestingly mirrors that of humans. Adult tickets are £8 and child/concessions are £4.

Wellcome Collection has a season exploring our uneasy relationship with dirt. Dirt: The Filthy Reality of Everyday Life brings ‘[…]together around 200 artifacts spanning visual art, documentary photography, cultural ephemera, scientific artifacts, film and literature, the exhibition uncovers a rich history of disgust and delight in the grimy truths and dirty secrets of our past, and points to the uncertain future of filth[…]’. So if you want to get down and dirty then head over to the Wellcome Collection next to the Euston Square Underground station.

Connecting these museums as well as Kew Gardens and the Horniman Museum is the First Time Out collection which displays five objects that have never been shown before. Experts from each museum have been invited to tell the story of each object to highlight how perspectives can be vastly different.  Half the fun is hunting the pieces down.

Images courtesy of the Natural History Museum and The Wellcome Collection


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