My job is very interesting. Work by day and shooting bright green/orange Nerf Blasters by night in one hand and a free beer in the other.

Seriously though my job is hard work.

We went along to the Nerf launch party because deep down every guy likes to pick up a big blaster and prove how manly they are. And there was no lack of manliness as we handled the likes of the Nitron Blaster (the first fully automatic clip fed disc blaster), the Praxix blaster (a pump action that reminded me of a SPAS-12 Shotgun), the Vigilon Blaster (a small clipped hand gun resembling Judge Dredd’s weapon of choice) and a Proton Blaster (single shot that resembles a sawn off shotgun).

…you can customize all of the weapons to the feel you want…

The new range comes with clips that eject, removable sites and shoulder stocks meaning you can customize all of the weapons to the feel you want.

Overall the range is extremely fun and for a good hour and a half I shot green discs at the shooting range, my friend and anyone who got in the way of my amazing precision.

…we have to shoot and send a short war film to Nerf…

And on top of this MouthLondon has been entered into the Nerf Vortex Challenge which means we have to shoot and send a short war film to Nerf; if we win we will get a trophy! Luckily for us one of the main requirements to be an editor for MouthLondon was to be a crack shot with a rifle.

That trophy is as good as ours.

We’ll be posting the film up in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled for some green disc mayhem in our office.

Image courtesy of Nerf



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