For students it’s quite easy to get hooked on watching viral videos online. A flatmate of mine would go through a daily ritual or going out with the guys to the pub, getting a kebab, returning home and then watching youtube videos until he passed out. It wasn’t the healthiest of lifestyles but he was always on top form to show you the funniest that the web had to offer.

I suppose in a world where the internet now rules our lives, we can afford to give ourselves that 1 to 3 hours a day submerged in cats playing pianos and stunts going wrong. This has become the social norm, but will this trend that has dominated our lives get more intense? Volvo has been releasing some very daring videos of late, and its latest offers danger and a ball of cuteness.

Exactly a year after launching viral film The Ballerina Stunt, Volvo Trucks is back with a series of new stunts. Last week Volvo Trucks released teaser-video The Hook, which has already claimed over 2 million views on YouTube. Now they have premiered the next daring film: The Hamster Stunt.

…a tiny hamster, steering a Volvo FMX construction truck…

The film features Charlie, a tiny hamster, steering a Volvo FMX construction truck up and out of a hazardous quarry – demonstrating how easy it is to manoeuvre the 15-tonne construction truck.

Check out the video and let us know if this is good late night viewing?



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