After the success of the PC game Knights of the Old Republic, its sequel The Sith Lords and Star Wars Galaxies, LucasArts has turned its attention to creating an MMORPG that would combine the best of both worlds.

The company with the grand plan

The game is set 3,500 years before the events of the original films and centres on the cold war between the Sith Empire and Republic. In the previous games (that were RPGs) the Republic was engulfed in a Jedi Civil War, started by a separatist group of Jedi, and after a long fight the former master of the Dark Lord beat his former apprentice and saved the galaxy. Or so they thought…

In the sequel, the Jedi started to disappear and eventually the order disbanded because a growing evil was hunting them. An exiled Jedi general returned, sought out the remaining Jedi masters, defeated the triumvirate of Sith Lords and trained a new generation of Jedi.

…both sides are caught in a conflict of back hand attrition…

300 years pass and the Sith  emerge in the galaxy with a vast fleet, legions of warriors and the goal to conquer the Republic. After a long war, a treaty is signed and the Jedi return to their ancient home world. The Sith turn to cold war tactics and now both sides are caught in a conflict of back hand attrition. That is where the Star Wars: The Old Republic starts.

So back story over with, you get to choose who you want your player to be:

Good guys: Jedi Consular, Jedi Knight, Smuggler and Trooper

Bad guys: Bounty hunter, Imperial Agent, Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior


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…game play is quite balanced…

Each person is completely customizable with various species, clothing/armour and facial appearances. The different classes excel at different things and like other MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online roleplaying game) the storylines are tailored towards the class you select. Interestingly though, the game play is quite balanced; so if you choose to be a slick bounty hunter and come up against a goodie goodie Jedi in combat, you’ve got just as much chance of popping a blaster in the Jedi’s head that they do thrusting their lightsaber through your chest.

With 17 detailed planets to explore, hundreds of NPCs to interact with and the promise of cold war fighting between your character and the rest of the online community, we can only imagine the storyline that will unfold within the game.

…LucasArts are pulling out all the stops…


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From what we’ve heard, an old Sith Lord is coming back as well as several species seen in previous games. If I’ve witnessed anything with Star Wars over the years, in most gaming cases, the storyline will amaze, surprise and shock us.

With previous Star Wars games underperforming with fans (shame on you The Force Unleashed 2!) LucasArts are pulling out all the stops with The Old Republic. Though some die hard fans may be annoyed by small similarities (republic troopers looking like Clone Troopers) if the game play, cinematic trailers, video data files and advertising are anything to go by this game could be the greatest experience a gamer can embark on. Let’s hope it doesn’t go the way of Star Trek Online or what I like to call “the flogging a dead horse game”.

So there you have it! Go join the light side, amass your power with the dark side, smuggle to your heart’s content, spy on your enemy or just pick up a blaster and serve some justice Star Wars style.

Check out the worthwhile cinematic trailers all put into one video for your viewing delight:

Images courtesy of Star Wars: The Old Republic and LucasArts


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