Rainbow Moon is a complete throwback to classic RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. You need to grind and level-up your characters, while searching for the best and most unique weapons and armours to slay the random encounters you have. Pure bliss if you’re an ol’ school gaming fan like me.

At the start, you are given the option of normal or hard difficulty (normal is still tough, bear in mind), then you choose your start out gear. Choosing the most difficult start-out, adventuresome, which is pretty much nothing, gives you a reward later in the game. Then, you go through a brief story and eventually are given instructions and tutorials on how to play the game.

Level up your character wisely…

You play through ample main quests and side quests, all-the-while battling enemies you randomly encounter on your travels across the free-roam map. Monsters on the maps can be avoided by not engaging them: it is completely your choice. The battle system is turn-based: for those new to them it’s a case of you move, then your opponent moves. The frequency of turns depends on your speed statistic.

What you do with each turn and the strategy you adopt will determine a win or a loss. You have to fully consider both your strategy and your set-up and statistics. Level up your character wisely; if you don’t think clearly about strategy, unfortunately, you will have a hard time. Put in the work and you will be rewarded!

…it is definitely worth the price.

Eventually, as you progress through the quests, you will unlock more and more on the island. I still have a long way to go, but the more and more I play and find treasures and enemies, along with new features that present themselves, I further appreciate the game.

Seeing as though this game is priced at a quarter of what a brand new RPG in the shops would cost, it is definitely worth the price. If you are looking for a classic RPG format you cannot go wrong with this one. Give it a shot.

4 Stars



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