So many of my friends create or do things completely out of the blue. I am not saying it is a bad thing, as I thoroughly enjoy seeing their creativity expressed, however coming from a profession that takes months of planning to accomplish a film, random creativity always flabbergasts me.

Living PosterBut technology has changed in the last decade and we can produce marvellous things that would have taken months to create beforehand. Graphic designers work almost solely from a computer to produce logos, poster and other marvels. Film editors can now utilise online methods rather than cutting and gluing reels. Even colour grading, a costly and important part of getting a cinematic grade, now can be all be done from one computer program.

The benefits of random creativity are that student graduates, or anyone, can compete with industry professionals. There are now more people working in IT based jobs than any other profession. Fan films, logos, and poster designs for upcoming blockbusters all get the non-industry fans having a go and releasing to social media sites. A friend of mine made a poster for the upcoming Batman v Superman and it was so well received that Warner Bros commissioned to use it as a teaser poster.

…as long as you have a good idea then go for it…

There is no limit now to what can be achieved. The tools at our disposal are becoming cheaper and better and as long as you have a good idea then go for it. You may be noticed by the right person.


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