A fine art painting; some will marvel at it for its artistic style, while some will detest it, but Ico (for Playstation 2 and 3 HD) is a game created to give a rich and deep experience that simply should not be missed.

Ico is about a boy called Ico who meets a girl called Yorda in an unpleasant castle. In order to relieve themselves of their dire conditions they must unite and escapes; simple in story: unique in its delivery.

…all woven beautifully to the design of the castle…

When united with Yorda you press the R1 button to call out to her and she will come running. When she is near you, holding R1 will mean you are holding her hand. Such a simple feature, but it is this that bonds the two characters and essentially the emotions you, the player, inevitably feel. As the shadow-like creatures come to take her away, you will find a deep urge to fend them off and to reach out for Yorda’s hand.

Holding hands through vast amounts of gloriously designed puzzles, all woven beautifully to the design of the castle, you will feel a sense of isolation by the castle’s foreboding scale and overwhelming atmosphere. Inevitably enticing you to hunt for hidden weapons to make your adventure less scary. I would recommend you take your time in each area and find them all. If not for helping you in your journey, finding the weapons is just fun. 

…half way into the game there is an awkward contraption you need to jump off.

There are some short-comings, in the HD edition: sometimes Yorda may get stuck or confused, and half way into the game there is an awkward contraption you need to jump off. But, you will be completely swept along by the game to allow these slight issues to slide.

This game is very unique and will require a certain taste. If you play games to play, then it’s not for you; if you play for an experience this is a golden game, worthy of its price.

4 Stars



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