Currently enjoying first place ranking on iTunes UK productivity chart, ArtPad is much more than the finger drawing utility I expected. Initially I struggled to find what purpose it serves, something which I’ve come to question about many apps of late;, however this cynicism was soon quashed after spending a good 20 minutes experimenting, only to find myself incredibly amused with my own creations.

A freehand drawing utility is the only thing missing here…

Loaded with an impressive Art pack library comprising illustrations, shapes and fonts, this app has the ability to allow the user to painlessly create high standard artwork.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as the option to share creations with friends through Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter is extremely simple and user friendly; you friends are sure to become as addicted as you. A freehand drawing utility is the only thing missing here but the generous number of Art packs compensates for this.

4 1/2 Stars



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