Not many things would tear me away from my iPhone, but since the HTC One came out, my loyalties are starting to waver.

The HTC One is simply a beautiful beast of a phone. Sleek design, amazing power and a full HD screen crammed into 4.7 inches makes it a serious competitor for smart phone of the year. The design is more screen than phone which lends to its general beauty. No longer is there a clunky feeling to your phone, it’s more about holding a sharp HD picture in our hand.

A feature that has really got us buzzing is the inclusion of a powerful combination of CPU and RAM, with more than 32 GB of storage; downloads are a breeze.

…a simple software download can improve the life of your phone…

So far the only downsides we can see with it is the battery life that can run out quickly, however a simple software download can improve the life of your phone; and your phone using happiness.

With Apple being the dominant power in the smart phone market, we’re interested to see what will happen over the next coming months. Will Apple be scared? I think they should be…


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