Articles and blog posts aren’t enough to engage visitors to your company website anymore – you need to make your content stand out from the crowd and draw the relevant crowd in. This content needs to be unique and needs to appeal to customers.

Here are some techniques you could try.

Dull, samey corporate websites are boring. Think about what you have to say and then say it in a way that makes people want to know more. This could mean personal information about key company members, short stories about how you defied the odds and the nay-sayers to set up your company, or an engaging mission–statement.

…you lose serious Brownie points…

If you have a “Meet the Team” page or section, make sure it’s introduced by your most social media-able staff member. This person needs to be approachable and available. Readers need to become engaged and to trust you and your company. If your spokesperson takes ages to respond, you lose serious Brownie points and visitors will waste no time in telling their chums on FB, or Twitter.

Every company has its detractors, but the worst thing you can do on social media is to delete negative comments! Your critics will have a field day if you do. Read what’s been said and make sure you show that you’ve read it. Accept that you’ve made mistakes and promise to do better. This more than anything else boosts respect and loyalty.

…give them a bit more ‘zing’…

Take a look at your existing website and its language. Does it talk down to your audience? Is it old-fashioned? Today, it’s all about being friends with your customers, so rewrite your website to make it more informal. Crack a joke or two, pull a few stunts – you’re much more likely to be shared, then. Also have a look at your page and paragraph titles to give them a bit more ‘zing.’

Speaking of content style, make sure your pages are divided up into nice little chunks of text. If your readers are faces with a wall of words, they just won’t bother. Paragraphs of five or six lines will do, and the bullet point is your friend.

…let readers make their own minds up…

Use pictures and videos; even the old corporate video has evolved in recent years. The more images you use, the better, and if they’re interactive, they’ll work even harder for you. You want funny, cute, and maybe a bit weird now and then. It all helps.

Lists are useful tools for getting information to your readers. They’re quick, snappy and let readers make their own minds up about whether to click the link and find out more. Top ten lists are immensely popular.

…take advice from the experts…

Make your website accessible to mobile devices. By 2017, almost 90 per cent of the devices that connect to the Internet will be tablets or smartphones, so take advice from the experts and optimise your content for a mobile device. The smaller screens need different formatting, so keep up with trends.

If you want to get likes and shares, make sure your readers don’t have to navigate a maze in order to give them to you. Social sharing buttons should follow the readers as they scroll along, ready to be hit at any time.

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