Samsung has released the Galaxy S4 which has a way to share documents that has got us very excited.

As far as technology goes it is very easy to share your personal documents, photos, songs and other bits between your own accounts. However, try to share it with someone else and usually you will find some kind of problem. This usually stems from different platforms (Apple, Microsoft etc…), but now there is a simpler way to share what you want with the people you love.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a titan of a phone. It has a ridiculous amount of tech within in it and this year Samsung are making a big push in advertising to let their customers know about the cache of goodies waiting inside the phone. Group Play is a nifty program that lets you connect to your friends phones in the same way a Wi-Fi network works. However, once you have connected and made a group with your friends, all you have to do to share a file or song is to touch the two phones together. Simple and incredibly hassle free.

…we are keen to see how quickly this Group Play catches on…

As the launch of the handset is relatively new, we are keen to see how quickly this Group Play catches on. The only set back seems to be that a lot of people overlook Group Play, but once found I’m sure it will make Samsung customers lives a lot easier.


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