Today’s world revolves around being on-line. Whether you are buying a gift, food, checking up on your friends’ exploits or getting off to porn; everyone uses the internet. The problem that lies within the internet is the fact that it can make you sick.

Becoming nostalgic in my old age (25) I realise that there was a time before I regularly surfed the internet, before I would wake up and the first thing I would do is check out Facebook; a time where I would go out and actually do things. Now don’t get me wrong I am active and social, but compared to my 16 year old counterpart I am basically a recluse.

…we can automatically log on…

The fact is that the internet is now the source of all of our happiness. Instead of picking up the phone or going out to meet friends to catch up we can automatically log on and see what they are doing in their lives and vice versa.

Like a drug being on-line is addictive and you may not think about it, but how much of your day focuses on what you do on your screen? A recent study has delivered a list of the symptoms that accompany social media addiction. These include: Repetitive Strain Injury, Delusional sense of exhilaration associated with the on-line flow of interactions, Being on-line while you are speaking to friends or family on the phone, Decreased length and frequency of direct encounters with people, Increase in irritability, stress, and anxiety; decrease in patience and listening skills, Frequently checking in on-line, at every opportunity, Being on-line is your first activity of the day and Being on-line is the last activity of the day.

…perhaps you are a little addicted…

If you have at least one of these symptoms then perhaps you are a little addicted. More than three and you are a social media addict and anything over that requires you to turn off the computer and see how beautiful life is outside.

Taking a break from the computer will, believe it or not, increase your happiness, you’ll become healthier and realise that a lot of what’s on the internet is a big waste of time. This won’t dissuade the majority of people, but if you have the chance to smell the roses rather than view a picture of them on google, go for it. What’s the worst that can happen?


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