CDs have been the distribution format of choice in the music industry since the mid 80s and revolutionised the way people listened to music. CDs could hold far more music than their vinyl predecessors in a much smaller size and the sound quality was greatly enhanced. The CD reigned supreme for more than twenty years before the development of the current de facto music format MP3.

Helped by the astounding popularity of the iPod, MP3 players have become a must have for anyone with an interest in music, with people amassing huge libraries of downloaded music on computers replacing their shelves of CDs. This leaves people with a problem, what to do with the eight days worth of Rebecca Black remixes currently gathering dust on your iTunes?  The simple answer would be to update your home Hi-Fi system, cue memories of the six hours you spent setting up your current one.

If only there was a simple, stress free way of getting the music off your laptop…

…a cutting edge all in one system…

You may not have heard of Sonos but a quick Google search will show they’re a company making waves in the audio industry with their Wireless Hi-Fi system. Featured on the Gadget Show, Sonos’s Play:5 is a cutting edge all in one system that connects to the internet via your router and allows you to stream music directly from your PC to the Play:5s meaty digitally amplified speakers.

Launched today is Sonos’s brand new wireless speaker the Play:3. As the name suggests the Play:3 is the smaller, lighter brother of the Play:5 and can be wall mounted. Like the Play:5, it can be stereo paired with another Play:3 to create an amazing sound for its size. Another smart feature is it’s ability to be placed vertically or horizontally but not only that the Play:3 also detects what position you have it in and adjusts its output to produce the best sound.   

…stream music from your PC to your own speakers.

If you have an amazing sound system yourself then Sonos have something for you too. The Zoneplayer 90 can be connected to your own Hi-Fi or surround sound set up allowing you to stream music from your PC to your own speakers. The Zoneplayer 120 with its built in amp can connect to any un-amped speakers you may have at home.

Possibly Sonos’s biggest selling point is the ability to sign up to online streaming services like Napster or Spotify through which you have an almost unlimited amount of music to browse and listen to. So for a small subscription you can listen to over 20million music tracks from any artist you can think of. 

…can be controlled individually or grouped together…

It’s designed to be modular so if you have a Sonos component in each room it can be controlled individually or grouped together into one huge sound system. Through a free App, for iPhone, iPad or Android phone, you’ll have control over your entire Sonos system. 

So if you’re wondering what to spend some of that student loan on when it comes in or just thinking of upgrading your home sound system; the future of music is streaming so get onboard before everyone catches up.

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