Here at MouthLondon we like to accept all challenges. When we were invited to the FIFA 14 Blogger tournament we jumped at the opportunity to compete and sent our best player, Louis Chan, to fight for our honour. Louis fought well, but didn’t win. Louis is now in our bad books…

It really wasn’t Louis’ fault in any way as he was competing against some of the best gaming bloggers out there (David and Mark Cotton, Debbie Timmins and Nico Di Maria to name but a few), but the main point of the evening was to try out FIFA 14.

FIFA 13 was well received by fans, although there were some hiccups with an overburden of features making the game seem like it wouldn’t be able to go anywhere in its next edition. What FIFA 14 delivers from the outset is an experience with crisper graphics and a finer tuned gameplay. Gone are the bugs of players randomly falling over every other tackle and the new, cleaner ball control systems make for some amazing foot play on the field. “It feels more like a game you would watch on the weekend” according to Louis, “with the same brutality and sense of anticipation”.

…the game still feels samey to its previous versions…

There are obvious cons to the game: Louis pointed out that the game still feels samey to its previous versions, but the formula of the game can’t be changed all that much. Also certain aspects (free kicks and penalty shoot-outs) could be refined to add more suspense or let the player gain more control over the shot. Check out this vine of Louis failing miserably to score a penalty:


Check out the game trailer and let us know what you think:



Overall the game is a superb edition that delivers amazing gameplay. There are a few tweaks that could be made to make the game the best of the series, but perhaps that’s what’s in store for FIFA 15? Until that point grab your buddies, get some snacks and immerse yourself in possibly the closest you will get to being on the pitch yourself.

New_4_5 StarsGame review: 4.5 Stars


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