So the game is finally here. On our last technology article we looked at FIFA 14 in all its glory. Our intrepid reviewer failed miserably to win the blogger tournament in our honour, so now he is cleaning the office toilet with his head held low. Oh the shame.

The new launch trailer for FIFA 14 is live! Check it out here:



The trailer shows off the gameplay and real spirit of the experience. The idea (as our reviewer explained) was that the gameplay makes you feel like you are in the stadium, in the pouring rain, trying to score for your team. The trailer emphasises the fun and insane amount of energy that you will put into playing the game. Also the range of people that are playing the game is varied, showing that anyone can play and enjoy the game.

When we played the game we definitely felt the competition between players, and the term edge-of-your-seat really does come from this game. The games graphics are stunning and really show off the features of the players. So if you want to stare at Ronaldo’s face and try to score, you can in beautiful scope.

It’s still early days for the game, but let us know what you think about the trailer and if it replicates the experience you will have playing FIFA 14. Obviously don’t play the game while being dragged through a desert. That would just be silly.

This post has been sponsored by EA.

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