Bavaria has just released a nifty new video promoting their new premier alcoholic beer, and it’s pretty damn cool.

The company released a non-alcoholic brand of beer not too long ago, but now are hitting the market with their newest product: Bavaria 8.6. The video is of a stop-motion hand made up of beer cans, doing some awesome moves (all backwards!) on a skateboard. It even has some funky tunes playing in the background to ramp up the action. The video takes us back to the 90’s feel of “Thing” from The Addams family who pulled off some amazing stunts.

Bavaria 8.6 is a clear golden colour (a truly gorgeous blond) with an aroma of malt, grain, alcohol, and a bit of honey. We found that the sweet flavour adds to the design of the can; modern and easy going.  The guys in the Netherlands know what they are doing when it comes to blond beers, and Bavaria 8.6 is a good start if you aren’t clued up on what’s on offer.

…Obviously drinking and skateboarding shouldn’t be done…

Bavaria 8.6 is brewed using natural spring water and hops from Germany and America. The company believe in good hydration and the new video showcases that. If you’re a skateboarder and want to do some cool moves then it is good to stay hydrated. Obviously drinking and skateboarding shouldn’t be done (as it’s a tad dangerous), but it’s a great way to show off their new product.

Check out the worthwhile video here:



Let us know what you think about their new blonde beer, and the moves the can skater does? Check out the rock music behind the video as it is from their own rock radio. It seems the makers have thought of everything.

This post has been sponsored by Bavaria but all thoughts are our own.

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