There have been some very interesting advertising in the recent years. Generally when you try to show off a new product it’s good to add a bit of humour, so if you don’t remember the name of the product you can just say “it’s the advert with the hamster driving a truck”.

LG have just released an amazing advert to show off how their new G2 smart phone and how its Optical Image Stabilisation works. Check it out here:



The advert shows a cameraman who discovers that chickens have incredibly steady heads during movement, so her rigs up a smaller camera to his chicken ‘Lizzy’ and they set off on a career that varies from motorbike filming to jumping out of a plane.

Animals usually work the best for memorable adverts and LG has definitely hit the marketing on the head with this one.

Let us know what you think of the advert below and whether you would buy the G2 on the basis of how steady the chickens head is.

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