Three and a bit weeks into 2012 it has already been eventful in the tech world, here at Mouth London we have collated some of the happenings and sprinkled it with a dose of geek love to give you our round up so far.

Kicking off with CES 2012, the tech world descended onto Las Vegas to set the pace for things to come this year. The annual Consumer Electronics Show is a four day tech-fest where the biggest names in technology show us what they’re made of. Following blog rolls of the show I was wide-eyed, bushy tailed and drooling. For a start TVs. Think LCD, think OLED, then imagine one with both. How’s that for clarity and colour? Well done Sony. Thought 4K2K TV was the way forward? Well Sharp introduced the 8K panel TV up their sleeves, just for laughs. LG showcased their 4mm, 3D, HD 55-inch TV. Yes, you read that right. 4mm. That’s thinner than your iPhone, Blackberry, HTC et al. Speaking of inches, Sharp’s 80-incher was trumped by LG’s 88-inch ultra definition set. Gulps.

…tablets galore…

2011 saw tablets galore, CES 2012 was no different. Without Apple in attendance other key manufacturers got to strutting their stuff such as Lenovo and Acer. Although don’t think this is the end of the laptop. Far from it. This year will see major players come out with their ultrabooks in an attempt to tackle and take down the MacBook Air. Sony have hedged their bets with their Vaio, with HP and Samsung not being left out of the squad.

Smartfones made an appearance, obviously. Prada by LG are resurfacing, although one may say it’s probably more stylish than smart we’ll see, the year has only just begun. Sony and HTC have made more than a promising start here with the Xperia Ion and HTC Titan II respectively.

…overflowing with tech-lust…

There were cameras, camcorders, a gadget-glove to teach you how to sign language and guest appearances by Justin Bieber, Will Smith and Hello Kitty….

CES 2012 should have your filled you cup to overflowing with tech-lust by now.

…physical protests…

The last few weeks has also seen the shock departure of Jerry Yang from Yahoo, Kodak filing for Chapter 11 and the largest virtual strike action in regard to SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). The protest from major online platforms ‘blacked out’ with Google and Craigslist taking part, most notable being from Wikipedia going offline, campaigning to ‘End Privacy Not Liberty’. The US federal government’s attempt to implement the Piracy Act was met with high tempered virtual fervour and leading in some instances to physical protests. Can the US Government handle the online massive? 2011 demonstrated just what an online community can do, let’s hope it all ends positively.

With February around the corner, we know we can look forward to Sony’s PS Vita and a rumoured keynote speech from Apple for their possible iPad 3 #justsaying.

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