Wowsa. You know that feeling when you enter a shop filled with high-end technological merchandise and that little flutter of excitement fills your tummy? This is exactly what happened to me when I saw the new Murcielago LP640 designed ASUS VX7 laptop. Inspired by Lamborghini’s supercar looks and powerful features, this laptop boasts structural design that is beyond the normal design of a normal laptop. The ASUS VX7 boasts a NVIDIA GTX 460QM graphics card, a full HD screen and and is primed for gaming with Intel 2nd Gen quad-core processor and a boost that can be ‘clocked’ at 2.9GHz – it is clear this laptop holds just as much power as the car itself.

The gaming facilities on this are phenomenal, promising a lag-free gaming session,  and with plenty of storage (750GB and 1.5TB worth of storage to be exact) zooms past the Mac Book Air, meaning there is more than enough space for movies, games, music and photographs, not to mention the Blu-ray drive and the ability to write Blu-ray discs to watch your favourite films.

…it’s stunning, and all you want to do is test-drive it…

Shiny, new and exciting!

So now you own it, and it’s stunning, and all you want to do is test-drive it, and once you lift the lid on the VX7, it’s like driving down a smooth, empty road on a bright winter’s day, and the love fully continues when you wake up from the dream state and take a look at what’s inside.

The luxury leather palm rests entice you, the glossy keyboard look that lights a bright white when the lights are off, and with a glossy track pad that allows you to zoom across the screen (actually with a bit of difficulty, because the track pad lacks a lot of grip), but below the 15.6-inch screen which (obviously) includes a start engine, which is quite clearly the turn on button that starts up the laptop with an engine roar… and then you pick it up… And almost like a car, you realise that it’s quite a bit too heavy and your back is about to break. It weighs 3.82kg without including any of the requirements such as the battery, so if you want to take it on holiday, I’d probably suggest driving it instead of carrying it.

…it doesn’t come without its small problems…

However, just like a high-powered car, it doesn’t come without its small problems, and just like a car, its expense is unfortunately, the battery life. If for example you use it off of the mains for three-four hours, but usually three, you’ll have to plug it in almost immediately, so it is probably not a good idea to move it away from the position it’s parked on. The desk.

Overall, this car, I mean alluring laptop, is filled with storage, high-end tech and a gorgeous exterior and yet with poor battery life, it lets it down dramatically, but if  you love Lamborghini, you love gaming and HD movies, then this laptop is probably the better option for you, but you’ll have to chose between how much you love your money (as this is £1,850) or how much you’ll love to own a Lambo laptop.

Images courtesy of Asus



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