If you want to be a journalist, a pencil, a notepad, and a fleeting knowledge of shorthand are your usual tools. Thankfully dictaphones make the whole process a lot easier, and any real journalist is bound to have had their fair share over the years. Well, gone are the little cassette tapes that used to make the industry look dated (even if the sound quality is still actually better on them) and in have come the digital alternatives. 

Olympus has released is new entry-level voice recorder range: the new VN-713PC, VN-712PC and VN-711PC recorders boast better features, higher quality recording (saving files to WMA and also MP3  (models 712 and 713 only)) and a built-in stand.

…battery life will keep you going for just over 3 days.

Depending on memory size, there’s enough space for 34 or 67 days of audio, which should be amble room for a quite a few interviews or note recordings. If you do run out of space, the VN-712PC and VN-713PC come with a microSD card slot to add even more capacity. Better still battery life will keep you going for just over 3 days.

There are also environmental sound features, a calendar search (models 712 and 713 only) and voice activated (713 only) recording that make these new dictaphones easy to use, very modern and essential to anyone serious about perfect note taking; well they’re cheap enough for pranks too!

5 Stars


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