Everyone is buzzing about the next iPhone. Not just because it will be the newest and shiniest piece of Apple technology, but because this phone may have one enlarging feature.

Recently Apples rivals Samsung have unveiled the new Galaxy S III phone, which measures a whopping 4.8 inches and is by far one of the largest displays on the market. Not wanting to lose its forefront of techno status Apple has reportedly been ordering screens from several manufacturers. Namely big brands like LG, Sharp, and Japan Display, a new outfit formed by the Japanese government. With this news, fruit fans all over the world speculate the next big change to Apple mobiles could be a big old screen.

… When does it stop? …

But say this is true and Apple crushes the competition with a larger screen. When does it stop? With designers already harping on about the future of technology being holograms and theories on the iPhone 2020 (The Black Hole) already salivating consumers, perhaps we should look at what we have and say “I’m ok”. If not there will be two outcomes; phone screens become so large we need a cart to carry them around in or Apple becomes the ONLY global mobile consumer company.

Neither sounds great, but until we can control our urge to buy the newest thing, Apple can keep making tiny changes and charging a bomb for them.

Images courtesy of Josselin Zaïgouche and Apple


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