Watching TV is somewhat of a luxury in my household. Sure there are countless programs that I would like to watch, but my work and social life usually squash the idea of relaxing on the sofa. Therefore I am more of a watch on-line boy and I regularly use catch up services to watch those must see programmes or films.

So this brings me to the Freesat free time service that has just emerged on the market. Freesat is a TV service that lets you view over 150 channels including on-line demand internet services like BBC iPlayer from a nifty little set-top box (£35). What makes Freesat a little different from other competitors is that it plugs directly into your satellite box. A nice idea if you get awful freeview reception (which is rampant where I live up in the hills).

…HD channels, larger recording drives and other neat little add-ons…

What is great about freesat is there is no monthly subscription and prices start low and move up with more additions like HD channels, larger recording drives and other neat little add-ons.

However, the best thing about free time is the interface. It’s bright, simple and quite idiot proof. If you’ve used any kind of television or on-line demand sites before then it’s all pretty straightforward with the home page linked to the programme guide, your recordings, search for programmes and on-demand services.

…you can record, rewind and pause…

One of the best things the package gives the audience is the ability to look back over what you’ve watched the last seven days; you can record, rewind and pause.

Overall Freesat has made a nice piece of tech to add to the home. The service is reliable and the real clinch is the lack of monthly subscription. I’ve had no problem with any reception and have boosted the amount of channels I can now record. Perfect for the busy person who should make more time for TV, but can’t find it.  




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