Everyone knows GiffGaff from the adverts in between The Big Bang Theory on E4.

What you probably didn’t know is that they have just released a cute (I use that word lightly depending on how strong your stomach is) advert about how they run the mobile side of business a bit differently. So what better way to get your customers attention by turning a zombie apocalypse on its head?

Check out the worthwhile advert here:



It’s refreshing to see a company think outside the box and incorporate a trend that has captured moviegoer’s attention for the last two decades. It not only builds assurance in the brand and what their services will give you, but also becomes a memorable moment in advertising. The director may have had a bit of a chicken with Cockneys versus Zombies, but Don’t Be Scared is a nice return to good advertising and watercooler conversation.

Also if the advert is shot in the next village over from where you live, it can’t hurt its chances at being memorable. I definitely won’t look at that green the same way again…

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