With the world’s population booming, technology making leaps and bounds, and everyone thinking they can be famous; it’s difficult to make an impact with your blog.

But that doesn’t stop people trying. In fact if you look online there are blogs of varying choice to choose from. But what is the best way to make a successful blog? Here at Mouthlondon a majority of our contributors have their own awesome sites and blogs. So we thought we’d count down the top 5 needs to make your blog a success.


Have a great idea

If you enjoy films then write a blog about films. You like cooking? Tell the world about your family’s famous recipe for bbq ribs. Try to think about what you have seen online, and then put your own spin on it. Although imitation is the cheapest form of flattery, something extra and unusual goes a long way to bringing in new readers.


Don’t do it for money

Unfortunately you aren’t going to be able to make money on your blog. It takes a lot of time to make an impact and even when you’re established, advertisers are interested in pumping money into sites that generate millions of views a week. If your blog makes money that is a massive deal, but don’t start one with the intention of living off it because you will starve to death.


1and1_RGBGet a good provider

Most blogs are built on WordPress, it’s easy to learn to use and you can make some rather nice blogs from it. However to make sure your site always has support in the face of viruses and back-ups, it’s good to have an internet provider you can trust. Most have good deals, but 1&1 is fast, relatively cheap (which is great for students) and has a great support team. It’s good to have a provider you can trust, especially if you lose 1000 articles over night because of a coding error. Check out the 1&1 homepage here.


Spread the word

Social media is a big deal in securing the future of your blog. Get your friends and family to follow your blog, create twitter and Facebook pages, and update your followers on any new projects. Also learn social trends: when is best to post tweets, the optimum times that people check your blog (lunchtimes and late evenings for example) and subjects that get people talking.


Love it

Finally love your blog. It’s your baby and only you will put in the amount of time and effort to keep it awesome. People will seem interested in helping, but kindly decline their offer and keep doing what you’re doing. This way your blog will become pure to your ideas and an extension of you.

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