When you meet someone who is passionate about their job it sometimes rubs off on you and you want to work that little bit harder to emulate them. A good friend of mine is in a job she really loves and that is working for Surrey Libraries.

Recently there has been a big change around in Surrey (and I presume other places too) as many libraries have been changing and updating themselves. The argument is that libraries are just not used any more; they’ve become an outdated medium, outweighed by the monstrosity of on line learning. But in a recent study it seems this may not be the case and in actuality Libraries are leading the charge in learning.

…2.5 million people have been helped by library staff to go on-line…

As of the beginning of May, 2.5 million people have been helped by library staff to go on-line in UK libraries. This has been over the last 18 months and the study has focused on those who have never used the internet or those who lack the confidence in their skills. Almost 30% of households in the UK do not have access to the internet at home and for many people the local library is an essential link for access to on-line resources.

Libraries are still a free resource that we generally take for granted. Sure you can buy that book on-line that everyone is going on about that will change your life, but what about the quick flick through from the shelf and the take home, realise you’re not that into it and replace it for something better tactic? With the added help from volunteers and staff about the internet the library is now, more than ever, a better place to learn and study. So if you’ve got the time check out your local library and if you don’t like it then at least you’ve tried, but for all you know you might learn something new.

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