We’ve seen the warnings for quite a while now and we are slowly realising that the world needs to be saved.

As a species we are pretty darn nasty. We have wiped out whole species with our expansion, devastated natural resources and explore more ways to create money from the world without thinking of the consequences. As the world is beginning to change for the worse, the younger generations are getting more in tune with how much we need to save the planet from ourselves.

China, the powerhouse of industry of the world, pumps more toxins into the air than any other country. It is said that there are cities in China where you have to wear a mask when you go out because the air pollution is the same as smoking 6 cigarettes. There are similar stories from the west of India where big businesses exploit and produce vast quantities of goods.

…there are champions who are pushing for change…

However, with all this doom and gloom surrounding us there are champions who are pushing for change. Siemens are expanding their work to incorporate clean and safe energy in the form of wind farms. Nature is a force to be reckoned with and why not try and harness it? Checkout the worthwhile video showing the work they have been doing:



People only want to make money and that is why we still are relying on fossil fuels, but these are inexhaustible. Wind farms have the capacity to power the whole world so the next time you turn on a light switch, think about where that electricity comes from. Is it renewable or are you burning up part of the worlds resources.

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