There is a sense of letting part of yourself go when you clean out old toys. Moving from my home town to London meant that object I had hoarded for years either got thrown out or moved to their new home in the attic. Rooting through my old memories I was surprised to see how much of it actually made me smile or bring back good memories of adventures or play times.

And that is the plan from Intel who recently have held a live event that lets members of the public remember how wonderful the retro toys were by giving them the chance to win one.

…a free retro toy to take home…

Centred on a large “Project Monument Vending Machine”, where you type in your date of birth and a song from the year is played followed by a free retro toy to take home. These ranged from retro toys to state of the art Intel Ultrabooks.

With so much time these days focused on work, showing a little bit of playtime is a welcome; and much needed, break.



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