I think that having fun as a family at Christmas is very important. A friend of mine always tells me how much he dislikes spending time with his family on Christmas day as they don’t do anything. They go out and have dinner at a hotel, come home and go to separate rooms.

In my family my mother is keen on “No TV”, “Everyone having fun” and “Playing Christmas games” because, as she always states, it’s Christmas.  Much like brussel sprouts we have to play Christmas games as its tradition. So without further ado I introduce the AppQuiz. The game I will be playing with my family, and most likely the game I will beat them all at.

The AppQuiz is a cool little gadget that attaches to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. You download the free app that accompanies the game, grab some players and away you go. Think of it like a game show where every contestant has a buzzer and must answer questions and play mini games to win points.

…who spouts out questions on various topics…

The game is hosted by a friendly and over the top host called Chuck Boldhart who spouts out questions on various topics. You can download new quizzes and updates online so the gaming experience feels fresh.

For £29.99 the AppQuiz is a definite must this Christmas. Not only will you have barrels of fun playing it, but you’ll come together as a family. And isn’t that the whole point of Christmas? The answer is yes.

Check out the AppQuiz at AppToyz here.

We are also running a competition this December to win an AppQuiz! Check this out here.

4.5 Stars


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