In the last couple of years, there have been many sites that offer a free catch up service on TV shows. Films are a tad harder to get licensed to show for free online (as the big companies would rather you go out and buy them) and so other ways were thought about to give the audience what they want , but from the comfort of their homes.

With subscription fee schemes like LoveFilm and Netflix, where you pay a fixed fee and get unlimited films, or the one off payments for film streaming like on Youtube, it is becoming far easier to watch the films and shows we love.

…rent a movie for 30 days or alternatively just buy the film and keep it forever…

Following in the Youtube formula, blinkbox allows users to watch films for a set price. You rent a movie for 30 days or alternatively just buy the film and keep it forever. The pricing is quite reasonable and instead of cluttering up your home with DVDs it’s a lot easier storing everything in one place.

Much like the iPlayer and 4od, blinkbox also has a lot of free content. With titles being added everyday, it’s quite fun to rewatch shows and films you may have forgotten. I recently watched Goodness Gracious Me, Batman: The animated series (over 109 episodes to choose from) and some children’s films that I had completely forgotten about. Of course if you search long and hard enough you can find any film on the internet, legally placed there or not, but blinkbox is very good quality, reasonably priced and not illegal.

With an easy interface, fast streaming and a nice library that’s growing, blinkbox is a contender for our attentions.



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  1. Dan Fellows

    Hi David,

    Thank you very much for your review of blinkbox. Our customers really love all of our latest release movies which they can watch without subscription wherever and whenever they like.
    If you need anymore information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
    Best Wishes

    Dan & The blinkbox team



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