As you may know I am a devoted iPhone user.

However, I am open to try out new phones just to see if they square up to the simple functionality of my beloved smartphone. The HTC One is a good looking model and I was excited to give it a go.

The first main selling point of the HTC One is the immense screen that is held in a sleek aluminum body. I sometimes think that my phone is too sleek (you should see my iPhone cover… It’s massive), but the HTC felt exactly right. The picture quality is incredibly crisp and the built in BlinkFeed means that everything that is important to your world is updated effortlessly onto your screen: social networks, photos and news.

…meaning that images catch 300% more light…

The camera specs are impressive and take startlingly good pictures. The HTC supposedly has a better light filtering system meaning that images catch 300% more light.

I find that with anything new there might be a few kinks to sort out by yourself, but overall I was impressed with the HTC One. If you get the chance definitely take a look at one when you’re next out shopping or just check out Robert Downey Jr. enjoying the phone. Either way is good.



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