Having a mobile phone is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to owning technology. Every facet of our daily lives is some way connected to a piece of technology that in essence makes our lives that little bit easier.

It’s interesting to see how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. I remember vividly spending most of my evenings after school chatting to my friends (who I had spent the whole day with) on the home phone. Ask me now what their home phone numbers are and I would look blankly at you and flip out my iPhone. Ten years back I could have recited those numbers to you without thinking.

And it doesn’t just stop with phones. I used to have an impeccable sense of direction, but now I second guess myself with a sat-nav. I used to listen to whole albums on my CD player, but now I select and pick what I want on-line. So in honour of technology we have picked out the top 5 accessories that you can get at Phones4U:


Adidas Sports Headphones with remote and Mic 504607

Adidas Sports HeadphonesBeing a regular runner I find it difficult to not have music playing whilst out because honestly without it I will get bored. These headphones from Adidas are a pretty decent model for the price (£59.99), and are made to be durable (even in -10 degrees Celsius). They have a fantastic quality of sound, reinforced cable and work in extreme weather conditions (for when you get caught out by the rain). Check it out here.


Glacier iPhone 4 Case Black

Glacier iPhone 4 Case BlackThis case is an obvious choice for any iPhone user. It is sturdy, but soft feeling and delivers exceptional protection thanks to raised edges that means the screen never touches the floor. At £7.99 it is a bargain and does the same job as other more pricey models. Check it out here.


3 hour Portable USB Charger

3hour Portable USB ChargerThis charger is probably the best idea I have ever seen. IPhone users have the joy of owning a product that will run out of juice in a heartbeat. A one hour train journey with constant use of the phone can diminish your power by 50%, so having a mobile charger on hand is pretty darn clever.

The model works on a variety of products and is small enough to take it round with you. Good for crashing at a friends or simply not being able to find a socket at work. Check it out here.


32GB Class 6 UHS-1 Grade 0 SDHC Plus Memory Card

32GB Class 6 UHS-1 Grade 0 SDHC Plus Memory CardThis memory card is a must for any budding photographer or people with important work to save. No joke, this card can withstand everything and still be used to transfer your precious files off it. For £37.99 and 32 GB of space this is a bargain that should not be overlooked. Check it out here.


Universal Remote Control Accessory for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Universal Remote Control Accessory for iPhone, iPad and iPod TouchOur final accessory is something more geared to the iPhone users out there. Quite simply this accessory turns your iPhone into a remote for everything. You download an app and can turn up or down the TV, change the music on your iPod and many others great things. It’s especially good for pranking people or when you’ve lost the real TV remote. Check it out here.

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