Music is a big deal for most students.

Whether you’re a festival junkie, like to check out local gigs or just love making new playlists for your commute through London, music is a big part of our daily lives. But what if you could go to the next level of listening to your favourite music through your headphones? Well Yamaha have done just that.

Yamaha has released its new Silent Piano Technology, which enables the piano player to listen to whatever they play through their headphones. The hammers no longer hit the strings, but instead connect to a sophisticated sensor technology that sends impulses to the digital tone module.

…the old age tradition of tinkling the ivories…

Sounds complicated, but the technology merges the old age tradition of tinkling the ivories with the familiar entertainment of today. No longer do you need to worry about your noise levels upsetting anyone, the piano has alternate settings to change the tone of the keys, the choice to record your performances, and you can connect your mobile device to utilise different apps.

Check out the worthwhile video of chart-topping classical pianist HJ Lim enjoying herself on a canal:



If you have the chance, definitely try out this acoustic-digital hybrid. Even if you aren’t a pianist, the ingenuity and forward thinking that has gone into the Silent Piano Technology is awe inspiring.

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